Opinion: How much do car designers think about numberplates?

Let’s discuss a feature on cars that isn’t talked about all that much – despite them appearing on every car on the road and having a major visual impact on both front and rear design.Yes, let’s talk numberplates. Or, specifically, where numberplates get stuck on cars. After all, every country demands that cars are fitted with numberplates and, even if the sizes, shapes and colours vary dramatically, the rules generally require them to be stuck in the same area on the front and rear of cars. Read more

Mum wakes up to find two-year-old has completely destroyed her makeup

The sneaky tot, Amelia Louise, had awoken in the early hours of Monday morning to try out some of her mum Tara Badham’s makeup.The toddler had the time of her life beautifying herself while her mother slept.Tara, 22, a stay-at-home mum, woke at 7am to find her guilty-looking daughter plastered with foundation and eyeshadow. Read more

Nigeria spends 5 times less per person on healthcare than SA

The Nigerian government has a “poor attitude” towards financing healthcare, a national newspaper stated recently. To make its case, it compared Nigeria’s health spend to that of South Africa.“It has been reported that South Africa spends about seven times more per head on healthcare than Nigeria does,” Nigeria has budgeted N340.5 billion for health in 2018, or about 3.9% of the total budget. Read more

kidney transplant, reveals best friend Francia Raisa

The 25-year-old underwent the surgery last year after battling with Lupus, an autoimmune disease that attacks the body’s health tissue and organs which left her in need of a new kidney.Gomez’s friend Francia Raisa agreed to donate part of her own kidney and has since revealed how the Kill Em With Kindness singer was left terrified by a broken artery after the surgery. Read more

R25 000 reward for ‘most-searched-for dog in the world’

In one of the biggest campaigns of its kind in South Africa, a huge reward is being offered for a Port Elizabeth woman’s stolen Australian cattle dog Marco. Anneli van Jaarsveld’s beloved canine companion disappeared last Saturday, February 24.She lives on a smallholding in Colleen Glen, Port Elizabeth, where she breeds show horses. She owns and runs Phumula Country Manor on the property. Read more

Some people are bad at committing to relationships because they’re ‘avoidantly attached’

Humans are creatures of habit, and out of a subconscious desire to re-live and correct the issues from our past, we may seek out the same sort of partners and find ourselves in a destructive cycle.Some people may do this because they have an unhealthy attachment style, which is the way they form bonds and connect to others. One style is called “avoidant attachment,” according to psychotherapist Allison Abrams. Read more

BMW unveils an 8 Series flagship range to rival Porsche and Merc-AMG GTs

BMW grabbed the headlines at the Geneva Motor Show by unveiling a new performance-orientated 8 Series flagship range. Although officially a high-performance M8 Gran Coupe was present in Concept form, the car was there in the metal; proof that the final car will likely look very much like the one that wowed the Geneva faithful. Read more

Eight things you should never do when visiting a sick person

We all hate hospitals due to one reason or the other but when we have a sick family member, friend or relative, it is important to visit them so as to give them moral, emotional and physical support as a way of encouraging them and making them feel better.However there are things you should not do while visiting them. Trivial as it may sound, it is crucial in their recovery and you are there to help them feel better not work them up. Read more

The 10 most exquisite royal wedding dresses of all time

You’ve probably heard, but there’s another lavish royal wedding on the cards – and we can’t wait!Of course, the question on everyone’s lips is what America’s sweetheart Meghan Markle (36) will be wearing when she walks down the aisle to meet Prince Harry in May.She didn’t hold back for her engagement shoot in December, choosing an over-the-top £56 000 (R909 000), sheer couture gown by British design house Ralph & Russo – but the Suits star certainly has some competition in the royal brides who’ve come before her.We take a look back on the most glamorous royal wedding gowns of all time.Read more.

Church Celebrates Visually Impaired Lawyer

It was a moment of joy and excitement as members of the Praise Arena-Kingdom Light Christian Centre celebrated the graduation ceremony of Barrister Adesola Ajayi, a visually impaired Attorney of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He was one of the beneficiaries of the scholarship programme of the church for vulnerable and less privileged people in the society.Ajayi is one of the visually impaired lawyers who graduated from Law School last year December. He is also one of the five students under the educational support programme for the physically challenged and vulnerable students of the church.Read more.